Help Us Tackle Inequalities in East London: Share The PCREF Questionnaire

How can mental health services be improved for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people?

What specific issues related to race, ethnicity or culture do you feel mental health services need to address?

How can NHS mental health services be more aware of cultural differences?

These are just some of the questions posed in the first-ever ELFT Patient and Carers Race Equality Framework (PCREF) questionnaire out now.  

ELFT is one of four national pilot sites working the PCREF, devised to enable substantive change to mental health services that better suit Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic service users.

The PCREF has been devised to meet the challenges outlined in the NHS Advancing Mental Health Equalities Strategy. It describes how NHS organisations can improve understanding of the communities they serve and so become more accessible to everyone who needs them.  ​

This means understanding what kinds of NHS staff skills and support are needed to help improve Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic peoples’ experiences of mental health services.

It means learning what Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic patients, carers, communities and NHS  staff think positive practice should look like in mental health services, with the aim to make long lasting and significant improvements in the way people experience mental health care.

The first phase of the PCREF is to gather feedback from our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic service users, their families and carers ​through a questionnaire.

We need you to help distribute the questionnaire, to ensure as many people take part in the ELFT PCREF as possible.

Together, we can work towards creating a better and fairer NHS.

You can complete the PCREF questionnaire online here

You can go straight to the questionnaire by scanning the QR code below using your mobile phone camera:

A paper version of the PCREF questionnaire can be downloaded here. Please return completed copies to

Download the ELFT PCREF flyer here. Please display in public areas where appropriate.

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