Online Webinars

Our Online Webinars offer a first step to accessing support. They will suit anyone who feels they might benefit from a group setting in managing their difficulties. These workshops can often be helpful in beginning to understand the problems we might be facing.  Participants learn techniques and skills to help manage their difficulties themselves, in an open, friendly yet confidential space.

All webinars are:

  • 1 hour in duration.
  • Easy to access. We will send you a link on the day via email and you simply click on this to join.
  • Accessible on smart phone, tablet, PC or laptop – webcams are encouraged, but not essential.

Our current online webinar details

Building Confidence: looking at confidence and self-esteem, what they are, causes of low confidence and self-esteem and what maintains this and techniques to build confidence and self-esteem.

Carer’s Wellbeing: Provides a space for all types of carer’s to talk about being a carer, techniques to help cope with difficult emotions and general tips to maintain your own wellbeing as a carer including self-care.

CBT Refresher
: looks at relapse prevention using the traffic light system, dependant on client need can go over any topic (low mood, anxiety, OCD etc) using the 5 area’s model and then recapping general techniques to help manage given struggle.

Coping with Loneliness: what loneliness is and how it can affect us, what causes loneliness, the effect of COVID-19 on loneliness and strategies to help cope when feeling lonely.

Introduction to Mindfulness: what mindfulness is, who is mindfulness for, evidence base for mindfulness, sample meditation exercise, service-user feedback.

Long-Term Conditions: support for those suffering from a range of long-term medical conditions that affect their mental health. Click here for more details.

Managing Irritability: what irritability is – difference between irritability and anger, causes of irritability, recognising irritability and techniques to help manage when feeling irritated.

Managing Low Mood: what low mood is, causes of low mood and techniques to help manage low mood in terms of our thoughts and behaviour.

Managing Stress in the Workplace: what stress is and how it can affect us, causes of stress in the workplace and techniques to help manage this.

Managing Stress: what stress is and how it can affect us, causes of stress, recognising stress and techniques to help manage stress.

Managing Worry: what worry is, causes of worry, what maintains worry and techniques to help manage worry.

Perinatal Support: support for parents with perinatal difficulties ranging from anxiety about becoming a new parent, negative beliefs, adjustments, relationship difficulties to managing mood and worry. Click here for more details.

Understanding and Improving Sleep: The Sleep Stages, common sleep problems and their causes and techniques to help improve sleep including mindfulness.

Understanding Emotional Eating: for those who would like to learn more about how food can be used as a way of coping, how this can affect us and look at techniques to help manage this.

Women’s Health and Wellbeing: for women who would like to learn more about how women’s health can impact upon mood and wellbeing. Looking at the menstrual cycle including the menopause and how this can affect women and learning techniques to help manage emotional wellbeing during this time.

Call us 020 8475 8080 or click here to register your interest in any of the workshops above.