Community Workshops

Our Community Workshops offer a first step to accessing support. They will suit anyone who feels they might benefit from a group setting in managing their difficulties. These workshops can often be helpful in beginning to understand the problems we might be facing.  Participants learn techniques and skills to help manage their difficulties themselves, in an open, friendly yet confidential space.

All webinars are:

  • 1 hour in duration.
  • Easy to access. We will send you a link on the day via email and you simply click on this to join.
  • Accessible on smart phone, tablet, PC or laptop – webcams are encouraged, but not essential.

Click here for the current community workshop details

Managing Worry

In this session we learn to identify why we worry and how to work through the worry cycle. We also look at steps to overcome worry.

Managing Stress

This session is designed to help those of us who are experiencing anxiety and stress and introduces some techniques and skills to help us deal with them.

Managing Irritability

This session looks at the unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour that some of us can get stuck in when we find they have problems with irritability.

Understanding & Improving Sleep

This session is for those of us who are having sleep difficulties. It will help in understanding the theory underlying sleep and why sleep problems arise. It also includes techniques to improve sleep, relaxation, managing anxiety and thought challenging.

Managing Low Mood

This session helps us understand what depression is and how it is maintained. It also looks at what can be done to overcome low mood.

Introduction to Mindfulness

This session looks at what it means to relax using mindfulness techniques and what situations it is important to relax in. It works through different relaxation exercises that can be used outside of the group setting.

Complete the registration form here, call 020 8475 8080 or click here to email us and register your interest in any of the workshops above.